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Machu Picchu Perú

Coronavirus desease (Covid-19) Update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Alert to Machu Picchu, Perú.

A Message from our Company

Dear Traveler

Travel Alert to Machu Picchu – dear traveler In Peru and also around the world the restrictions are decreasing step by step, and the world start to look with confidence and optimism to the new era of journeys, we are proud to announce that our Mountain Tours packages were restarted in July. Already we did welcome our first travelers of this new age, travelers from the united states who gave us a push to continue with this incredible activity, with health protocols and amazing experiences in this new world that changed our lives. We are much more than ready to welcome new travelers in this new age.

We know that are many people that are impatient to go to explore nature again, appreciating more, respecting and knowing how important is mother nature for a living, and also increasing interest in travel to nature cause of the Covid 19. Is for that, that we need to be close to our clients and show cultures and places that you will never forget with unique tours. we will inspire you a transcendental change in your life across the journeys, now more than ever.

We know that to travel nowadays is a privilege, and we feel us privileged to give you a welcome in this new age.

with our best wishes to all around the world. we will be waiting for you.

Covid-19 Travel Alert

Dear Travelers, the good news, CDC authorized to people who were vaccinated to travel, because is less probably get and spread the virus. Our Peruvian government lifted the measures of quarantine requirements for international arrivals to Perú. Nowadays to enter to Perú you need to have a negative molecular test (PCR) took inside the 72 hours prior to arrive to Peru or an antigen test taken within 24 hours prior to arrive to Peru.

Doesn’t have any kind of test requirements for national flights. Also, our country Perú received the credential of WTTC Safe Travels provides by the World Travel & tourism Council that recognized our country efforts to maintain the tourism destination as secure and safe. Also, our company taken all necessary measures to avoid contagions and expansions of this Virus, for that all our team was equipped and capacitated in the cleaning and disinfection process of the all things that are involved in each tour like, buses, bags, tents, restaurants and much more. Al the healthy measures to protect all our clients, company collaborators and people of towns that we are going to visit.

If aren’t ready to travel to Peru right now and have a deposit with us, don’t worry you can reschedule your travel without charges. Also, if you are planning to book your travel for a later, you could book with big discounts in the prices for this new age and just making a 100 USD deposit.

If you have any kind of doubts just left us to know, we are always online by our support channels like WhatsApp, Line or Facebook. To help you and give you a welcome to Mountain Tours Perú.

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