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Social projects

We will only be able to help these communities with your help. We know that it is a very difficult task, but nothing is impossible.

Be a Yanapac (Healper)

This is a Quechua word, spoken from the time of the Incas, Yanapay means “Helper” we chose this word for its meaning, the villages where we will arrive to help still speak Quechua in their 95% just like the ancient villagers.

Our goal is to collaborate with isolated Andean communities to overcome the economic and social challenges through a working partnership that directs resources to social projects. Special attention is given to support their educational efforts.

After seeing how the 100% of companies direct their support only too easy access villages located in the sacred valley of the Incas, we had this idea of initiating social projects targeting communities where there is not tourism activity, where they never get any kind of support, where transport is just trucks that arrive once a week, we decided to direct our projects to those communities that are in extreme poverty,

Contribute to the proper incorporation of children to the teaching process in the Center of Basic Education with the delivery of educational material.

Project School Bag

The Project is a response to the need for school materials for the children and girls of the Center of Basic Education to the rural community of Huayllupa, Tungasuca, Canas.

The implementation of this Project will bring direct benefits to the population with the delivery of a school kit that will contain basic materials to receive education, it will encourage the active participation of children and young people with social vulnerability, avoiding a delay or in worst cases dropping out school. In the same way it will help to avoid the destabilization of the family budget of the families benefited.

The school kits will be an important complement to their education, and support to the families and to their economy, it is important to note that many children do not have enough educational material to go the school and schools do not have sufficient funds to help these youngs.

School Bag

my bag

  • A backpack
  • Notebooks (5 units)
  • Mechanical Pencils and ballpoint pens (2 units each)
  • Ruler (1 unit)
  • Compass (1 unit)
  • Pencil
  • Sharpener and erasers
  • Colored paints (a box of 12 paints)
  • Notebook for drawing (1 unit).

How may I Help?

Of each client, we are targeting automatically 10 dollars to this social help. that means when you book with us you are helping to develop this project.

As well you could donate educational items such as notebooks, pens, colors, backpacks, shoes, slippers and toys, and others with similar interest and importance for the children.

Even you are no traveling with us you can donate. you can get in touch with us in order to coordinate how to donate or help for these purposes.

We hope many volunteers will join this project.

Help us to help

We want you to be a Yanapac side by side with us! Share our project with your friends or on your social networks and you will already be helping to create more smiles.

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