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Machu Picchu Perú

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Creating Authentic Experiences
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Do Adventures Peru now Inca Town Travel is an innovative company of Adventure Treks, Jungle Tours, and Cultural Tours, we offer authentic experiences anywhere we visit. All of our travel programs were carefully designed to meet the needs of each client.

We have become one of the leading companies in small group excursions (Maximum 8 Passengers), that’s why we guarantee the best experiences, always taking care of your health even more in times of pandemic. We are a 100% local tour operator for which our prices are available to each client for a high-quality service.

Each collaborator of our company is trained in their area, and each year continues to be trained to continue with us and thus provide you with the best travel experience, when you contact one of our collaborators, you will receive timely information according to your needs to plan your dream trip. Feel free to let us know everything you need to know; we will always be ready to help you.

Mission, Visión and Values


  • Customer Responsibility: Through direct marketing, we are committed to providing travelers with the most exciting travel, adventure, and excursion programs in our region at an unbeatable price without outsourcing to any other company. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We will provide all of our collaborators with an environment that fosters professional development and fosters personal growth for each of them.
  • Financial responsibility: We will conduct the company in a good financial way, to generate growth and increase its value.
  • Social responsibility: The people involved are a fundamental part of our success. We will dedicate time and support to the local communities in which we explore, thus creating a better world.


We help change people's lives

We strive to be the leader in adventure travel and small group excursions, providing an authentic and impactful experience that significantly improves the quality of your lives, with high-quality service without disturbing our environment.

Our values

  • These are our paths to success, we implement the following
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Stable connection with the customer during their walks and tours.
  • Commitment to the culture and society of the Andean culture
  • Work as a team sharing knowledge, experience, and dedication
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Promote local businesses

Our Licences

We are 100% legal company.

Do Adventures Peru  now is Inca Town Travel a 100% local direct family tourism travel agency and operator based in Cusco. We are specialists in personalized tours with high quality service. We are a fully authorized company with the relevant licenses necessary to operate in our activity provided by our peruvian gobermet. (Below are our licenses).

gercetur do adventures peru

Tourism Licence

sunat Do Adventures Peru

Taxs License

Meet the Team

We really cares about our service, clients, team, staff, local communities & planet

Salkantay trek to machupicchu in Usa
Meet our Staff

Meet all our collaborators that will assist you to organize an unforgettable experience since your first contact.

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food on the Inca Trail to machu picchu
Best Chefs & Food

Our chefs have been highly trained to prepare the best peruavian food for all our adventures.

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machu picchu tours organizer in usa
Local Tour Guides

Our guides are complete experienced in different routes and are all locals.

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